Thoughts on my first day learning Unity3d

So I've started learning Unity3d and even just after one day I'm super excited by the possibilities- if you're a fairly experienced 3d generalist or a really experienced cg filmmaker in my case making the assets/laying out and lighting levels is pretty easy

I'm doing this course which I highly recommend if you are interested in learning Unity as well- get the free version of Unity here

So creating/importing assets- applying materials- working with "prefabs" which are like instances in 3d apps- lighting- creating and working with particles and dynamics systems is all pretty much the same as my normal 3d work-

As a total video game making NOVICE I can see that there is a whole art to optimizing your projects for realtime play- baking lights- using proxy geometry for collisions- this is the NEW stuff to me- I've baked textures and objects before so I understand the concepts but light probes are new- since I've never worked with high end PC's I'm always optimizing my 3d work to perform at the highest possible fps for animation so I hope this practice helps me when it comes to games-

And of course there is the major component of SCRIPTING which I'm yet to delve into- I'll get into that in todays lesson- I've played around with python, C, and Javascript but I have no programming skills at all- I can copy/paste hack scripts but thats about it-

The games I'm interested in making are all about the mood and story I'm not going to try any fancy new system- I want to use the standard tools and create awesome experiences based on those- Unity3d comes with a lot of useful pre-made assets like a first person camera system so I plan on using all these pre-made assets to develop my own strange worlds for people to explore-

So after one day I'm like- this is fun now lets hope the scripting stuff doesn't bury me haha

On to the next lesson!