Why I've tried to not participate in "reality"

Simply-because "reality" is a lie

I've been meaning to write about this for a long time- I did write a post about it in 2011 but never published it- I've talked about it on the podcast I do though-

I've had experiences that showed me that the world we live in is a big lie- so I've tried my best to ignore the lie of "reality" and what is supposed to be important as dictated by that same status quo that is itself a lie-

So how do I know?

Firstly let me say that I have NEVER done any hallucinogenic/psychedelic drugs ever- I smoked a lil weed when I was teenager but that was it- AND I'm not asking/trying to convince anyone to believe me. I'm just sharing an experience.

There were tons of earlier experiences that I had to force me to question reality but I'm going to focus on one that happened when I was a teenager- (before I ever got high btw ^ ^)

It was summer time and I was in my backyard at about 2am- our dog was barking at something on the back fence so I went back there with a flashlight to see what it was- I went back there and shined the light on the back fence and saw that it was a couple opossums walking slowly across the fence- our cat came up to me so I picked her up and pet her as I watched the opossums cross the back fence-

After  I was watching the opossums for a minute or two I looked to the left suddenly as a flash lit up the backyard- like a really fast camera flash or lighting flash- it happened two or three times- I don't ever remember putting the cat down but I looked up- and hovering directly over me filling up almost the entire sky was a levitating black triangle- it had a small light in each corner and a larger pulsating light in the center- as the light in the center pulsated slowly the craft made a low frequency humming sound-

It was really low- like maybe 20 meters over my head- I stared at it without a thought in my head-  I don't know how long I was staring at it- I guess since it was something I had never seen before it wasn't in my reality so I was just like duhhhhhhhh- then all of a sudden I like snapped out of it and got a huge jolt of fear and thought "OMG its a UFO" I ran as fast as I could back into the house-

I looked out the window and I couldn't see it or hear it anymore- and strangely decided to go to sleep- which was weird because I was terrified- as I was falling asleep I could hear the low pulsing hum it made getting louder and louder until I fell asleep-

The next morning I got up and my mom asked me if I was ok- I said "yeah" and asked her why- she said "because you came into my room late last night and told me that they took you away" Something I don't ever remember doing-

After that happened I got way into UFO/Conspiracy/Mind Control/NWO books and read everything I could find trying to figure out what had happened to me- I have never been able to figure everything out but I learned enough to go on with my life and sleep at night again-

Anyway back to "reality" The thing I saw was real- I was conscious- I wasn't dreaming- if you took this aircraft

And pushed it forward a few generations it would look a lot like what I saw- I don't know if this image is fake or not but this is almost exactly like what I saw

So that first image is still supposed to be cutting edge technology even though it came out in 1981- so EVEN though TRILLIONS of dollars go into the military and aerospace industries they peaked in 1981 and haven't developed anything new? haha riiiiiight

If you look at the development of the microprocessor or the personal computer from 1981 until now you have HUGE advancements but the aerospace or automotive industries? NOPE NO REAL PROGRESS- thats one of the big lies of the current "reality"

JETS and COMBUSTION engines thats as good as it gets YEP! BullllllshiiiiiiiiiT!

The aircraft in the first image was made by a company that has a huge campus here in this county- theres several other aerospace and "Space propulsion" companies here as well- so it would make sense that they would be flying around here-

As far as the whole "they came to take me away" bit- I don't have any answers for that- but as a child I had the typical "alien abductee" experiences wherein strange beings came into my room every night and took me away to a place that I likened to a school or training center- they showed me what I thought when I was a kid were "movies" and it was always of this destroyed terrifying world- the closest thing to it that I have ever seen and I SHIT YOU NOT was the future scenes from the original Terminator film-

Weird things happened my whole childhood- things the laws of "reality" cannot explain and often times they were witnessed by the people with me as well-

So that says to me "reality" is a lie- so why should I waste my time with it? I shouldn't because its all a big lie.

Why am I writing this now to you? Because maybe this reality has begun to fool you- it even starts to fool me again sometimes- making me believe "money" and all the hierarchy of this fake ass system matters in the end-

 I'm here to tell you- don't be fooled- the world can and will become a much better place as long as we believe it can and do not participate in the things that perpetuate it-to the best of our abilities-

The way the world should be now- which is a MUCH MUCH better place for us all has been held back artificially by the people that control the current power structure BUT they've lost- they just won't admit it.

I believe a new world will be built from the blockchains up. "Reality" sucks- we need a new one that is good for more than %.0001 of the people.

P.S. if anyone is interested I can tell you about the "dream" I had that was a continuation of the night I saw the triangle- if you want to hear about that let me know and I'll post it.