Check out my first game experiment with Unity3d+thoughts on the process

Here's some images from "Dicks will fall on your head"

I don't know what this is exactly so don't ask me haha- its just a by product of my first Unity learning sessions- for some reason if you play it on any quality above "simple" the lighting gets screwed up so try it on simple or lower

Download for PC -  Download for Mac

I'm almost two weeks into teaching myself Unity3d- there's TONS of great free tutorials for Unity3d- I was doing ok with it- The creation part is pretty close to what I've already been doing with some limitations when it comes to work with Cinema 4d---> Unity

All models must have UV's- cubic, flat mapping doesn't come over to Unity
Morphs and deformers are not supported
Shaders are not supported- have to bake all shaders to textures
Displacement/SPD maps are not supported
In C4d I've been using segmented characters to increase viewport speed BUT in Unity this makes your scene run slows are more parts= more drawcalls which you want to minimize

Was even able to do some basic scripting BUT once it got to things beyond basic trigger actions I started to get lost 0_o

A few people here mentioned Playmaker- and a cool dude from Germany emailed me and showed me what he had done with Unity and Playmaker so I went for it and Playmaker is AWESOME 0_0 A dream come true for artists wanting to make games- I am IN LOVE with Finite State Machines!

With Playmaker and FSM's it doesn't feel like scripting to me- it feels like I'm making puzzles- which is a lot of fun-

Obviously games are all about the gameplay which is all NEW to me- so I really need to wrap my head around the fact that the players experience is the most important aspect of gaming and I need to come up with ideas with that as the priority-

My instinct is to approach gaming as a filmmaker and make interactive experiences-

My first test isn't much BUT in it I use a few simple behaviors that when you correctly I can use to make a basic game- obviously I'm super new to this whole thing so I'm going to just focus on the basics and see what kind of ideas I can develop using only the most basic programming- I still need to learn some more basics before I make and export something else- so back to the tutorials for me!

Since I am WAY into visuals I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of Unity's render engine- you can work in linear- AND it has these image effects which when combined correctly its like having magic bullet looks inside of Unity-

So I need to learn about how to properly use character animation in Unity- how to have something more than an enemy that just follows you and executes some basic action when they collide with you- need a real basic AI-

I also need to get into the habit of using switches in Playmaker as of right now I'm not doing things in the most efficient way-

Speaking of efficiency- thats also a HUGE part of game dev it seems- baking lights/textures- using the fewest number of objects- maximizing fps- I don't know much about those things so yeh so much to learn 0_0 There is NO optimization in my first project haha