How/Why I made the Cold Pizza music video game

I just finished a music video game for Kool Skull's song COLD PIZZA

The concept behind it was- create a basic playable game level featuring elements and themes from the song and have the artist performing on video in the level.

I thought that since video game playthroughs/Let's Play thangs are all the rage on youtube these days a static music video is not good enough!

I've walked away from making films for the time being and am focusing all my energy on game development so this was a fun/quick little test project to take on-

So my concept was to make a "game" that they can play- screen record their playthrough and post it on youtube thereby creating their own personal music video for the song- a music video game.

If you want to do this you can download the Cold Pizza "games" here




Here's my version of the video I cut together from three playthroughs

I didn't model, rig or animate a single character or frame in this- the only thing I modeled was the crappy pizza slices haha

The character models were made with the free Mixamo Fuze program- I just abused it to make freaks ^_^

The other character models and props were taken from The Free 3d Models They are all ripped from games for the most part so I wouldn't use them in commercial projects

I used Mixamo's free auto-rig service to rig them AND I used a few free mocap clips from that site as well- the vomiting mocap clip was given to me by my pal Jimmy Screamerclauz

Mixamo is pretty nice in offering auto-rigging and their mocap is good quality so buy the clips if you can afford them-

So once it was all done- I used Fraps to record a couple playthroughs and edited them with Premiere

I think these are way more fun for the audience/fans than plain music videos and artists can bundle them as special features with their releases- if anyone is interested in hiring me to make one for their music project contact me at

I finished this project in about 3 days working part time so the turnaround is quick too-