On why I quit filmmaking

Since someone I know has followed my work for some time asked me this on twitter I figure I should write up a proper post about it...

To make a long story short- I got bored with filmmaking- it just wasn't doing it for me anymore- I lost my love for it- and so instead of faking it- I quit.

It started to feel like I was just going through the motions with film- I had lost my passion for the process- and when you make films alone like I do if you don't have the passion you don't have much-

If you don't love what you're doing stop doing it- pretty simple.

I also came across a quote that was something like this "If you feel like you're in a hole, stop digging"

I did feel like I was in a hole with filmmaking so I decided to stop- I have no regrets with that decision.

I started working on We are the Strange in 2004. I released Heart String Marionette in 2012 and I released I am Nightmare at the end of 2013. So I made 3 animated feature films over the course of ten years.

I was planning to make a film a year from here on BUT I didn't love it anymore- I thought maybe if I immersed myself with so much work not loving it anymore might not matter...

I had wanted to learn how to make games for a few years now AND tons of people over the years have asked and sometimes BEGGED for me to make games- but I was always too busy with films to do it-

So once I finished I am Nightmare in Dec 2013 I decided to finally learn how to make games in Jan 2014- at first it was frustrating but after a few weeks I was hooked-

Fast forward 6 months and I made this game MagnetDroid

I love doing game development and have tons of ideas I'm going to work on-

Before I started making cg films- I made live action short films and did music with a band- those helped me when I got to cg feature production and now with game development my cg feature experience helps me GREATLY with creating 3d video games.

So making films was just a step in my evolution as an artist and storyteller-

I'm fascinated with programming characters and interactivity- I get to fuck with people in ways I never imagined possible ^ ^

I still have big ideas- I'm still going to create characters and tell my stories except now YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE THEM YOURSELVES and really be a part of them ^_^

My first big game project will be out next year AND it will have about 20-40 minutes of animated cinematics in it which will be like my films- so for those of you that loved my films you'll have to play the game to see my new films- as you will get to be the character!

And I'm SUPER excited about that game 0_0 It pretty much sums up my experience making films the past 10 years and my life experience in one game that is hopefully awesome and fun to play ^_^

So I'd like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of you who have followed me over the years and supported my work. If it wasn't for you all I wouldn't have gotten this far.

I just do what I feel I should do- thats what I've always done- and I have nothing to complain about in my life- I wish my films made like 1000x more money haha but my health is good- my family is good- I'm inspired and excited about the future of games so yeah I have lots to be thankful for.

I did everything I wanted to do with film- I had my way with it- and I don't love it anymore- so I quit with no regrets.

I'm thankful I was allowed to make those 3 films the past ten years- I'm sorry they weren't more successful but I did my best in the ways I knew how.

I lived and died as a filmmaker but I'm still alive- now look at this quote from Heart String Marionette

" I was born alone and I died alone... before I go you're all invited to the show"

In that film after the bad guys kill the main character in the beginning they throw him off a cliff where several dead clones of him are laying.... then he shows up again and again...

So through that film I was announcing my death as a filmmaker 0_0

At the end of I am Nightmare the films silent hero dives into a well leaving his friends and family behind as he "lives in dreams"

Film... and the characters in my films were my family and now I have to leave them behind to live in dreams.....

I learned a ton and will never give up on my dreams- some times our dreams change and grow- its ok to change and grow with them- don't hold on to dead dreams- there's new ones floating up there somewhere you just have to be quiet and listen for them-

My mission has not changed- I'm just learning new skills-

You can purchase the 3 films I made in the past ten years here if your interested. Just select the "M dot Strange Ultimate Trilogy"

I know it sounds cliche- but for M dot Strange and Mysterious Doll Studios.... this is just the beginning.

P.S. I'm now operating as "Mysterious Doll Studios" as its easier for most people to accept that a "studio" makes this stuff rather than one weirdo but YOU know the truth my friends.