THE BAD PLATFORM- post commentary+bitcoin shirts

I just finished a new little game called "THE BAD PLATFORM"  that I spent about a week on- you can watch the trailer here-

You can play the game in your browser here

I had been working on the prototype for a bitcoin mining adventure game when I got the idea for the bad platform- I just got the idea one day to make a game from the perspective of the platform in platformer games- most of us are probably more like the platforms than the players in the real world- getting stepped on by douchebags on their way to money and copulation-

Is this the first game where you play as a platform getting revenge on the players? I couldn't find any- if it is I called this genre "platformer revenge"

It was fun to take a concept and turn it around into a game that was released in a week- the mechanics are very simple so its not like its some complicated thing but games don't have to be complicated to be fun-

I started this project as my first mobile game- I was developing it as an android game- it has the touch stuff already built into the project- I had never built a game for android before so I had to install the Android SDK- which had its problems and took a few hours to get right- I also had to install the Java development kit which Unity wouldn't recognize and took a few hours- THEN when I finished managed to build the game it failed at the last step and corrupted all of my materials 0_0

So I just decided to build it as Unity web player game- I was using really simple models and tiny textures to keep the file sizes down for mobile so it works well as a mobile game being only 8.9 megs- I was really trying to keep the draw calls down and this game averages about 35 at all times-

Diving into the mobile functions you can access with Unity gave me another idea for a game- when I saw that I could control game functions by tilting the device, checking how many fingers are touching etc yeah it gave me some ideas ^_^

I just hope that with the next mobile game I try to develop I can actually build it successfully and figure out why my materials got corrupted- I need to read/research a lot more about developing for iOS and Android as there's limitations/guidelines you have to follow- several things I had never encountered before like POT and NPOT textures-

Game dev is starting to get fun though- using Unity + Playmaker and putting out these games is making the transition from idea to finished game smoother and smoother each go round-

And actually this game gave me some practice into what making a 2d platformer would be like- I had to learn how to make enemies that acknowledge and react to obstacles by using triggers in level to tell them to wait and only jump when a raycast hit the platform- I did my first simple little boss battle wherein the boss has a simple repeating behavior in attacking the player- I learned how to set up a high score system that persists when the player quits the game using player prefs- so yeh I could take on a little 2d platformer game next

I started learning game dev with 3d games so only having to work in 2 axes with 2d is a lot easier BUT I kind of think that since my background is in 3d animation- 3d games is where I can do some awesome stuff- but quick 2d games certainly are fun to do-

I've got a stack of game dev ideas/projects to pick from for the next thing- I'll have to go over my paperwork tomorrow and decide what's next!

As long as you're learning, every project you finish is a win- so keep challenging yourself with projects that FORCE you to learn new things- rise to the challenge, raise your bar and keep moving up!

I starting making animated films in 2003- and stopped in 2013 but when I look back at everything I learned and how my work progressed in ten years it surprised me 0_0 I'm really excited to see what kind of games I'll be able to make in ten years from now ^_^

Never get too comfortable with your work- keep pushing, keep learning, keep moving, keep adapting- that's how I approach my work and so far its kept me really happy and excited to wake up each day I have something to work on- now when I'm not working on anything I'm not a very nice person haha.

But yeh... go play THE BAD PLATFORM!

OH YEAH also- I wanted to buy a Bitcoin themed shirt this week but couldn't find any I liked so I designed some of my own and bought on of those haha- you can get them here-