Thanks again to the I am Nightmare extra's!

On my last film I am Nightmare (2014) I needed some last minute funds to finish the film so I offered to make people extra's in the film for something like $50 I believe- some cool peoples stepped up and helped me out- I finished the film and they were made into 3d models and put in the film-

I'm making the DVD for I am Nightmare right now as I was invited to attend a comic convention next month here in Cali and I have nothing to sell haha so I'm making these dvd's- they'll be showing I am Nightmare so I figure I should have dvd's on hand eh?

Anyway these dvd's are barebones BUT I added in a little photo gallery featuring the people who were extra's in the film ya see...

Epsilon paid for 4 versions of himself ^_^

Thanks again my friends! NOW I'll be able to do even better stuff with you all in my games ^_^