Keepin it magickal

I'm working alone in the middle of the night like I have for years but now instead of setting up shots and animating them for a film I'm working out different ways to parse data to make the creation and management of this big game easier-

On the subject of film- HSM lives- or I should say it hasn't really come alive yet- but someday it will-

So the same person that made this a few years ago....

Is now super excited about hash tables- you've got just to follow the excitement- the intrigue-

I got into filmmaking after seeing films like those made by David Lynch which seemed like magic to me- the more I made films the more the magic faded away- I guess things seem magical when you don't know much about them...

So game development now has that magic for me- its all magic so I'm having a lot of fun trying to figure out all these tricks en route to making my first big game project-

My excitement has been kept at bay most of the time because of the constant challenges I'm faced with every day as I'm not making a simple game- I made a couple simple games and it was about time for a big challenge-

The thing that TERRIFIES me about making games compared to film is that in a film each finished shot is a standalone thing- you can't ruin it once its finished BUT with games you could be %99 done with your game and tweak some code and break the whole thing-sync

So as I finish work on the mechanics required for the first level of the game I'm trying to find ways to save time and stay flexible in managing the games data-

I've been using google sheets for the games todo list...

And to keep track of data for items, enemies, weapons, etc

So I was excited when I found this Unity asset for $3 that allows you to utilize google sheet spreadsheet data in your game- So I was testing that out tonight after finishing work but my brain is pretty destroyed so I'll have to check it out again tomorrow-

FYI- if you order a dvd I mail them out on Fridays- I have a few ready to go here so know that I'm not lagging on your orders I can only stand going to the post office once a week haha

If you'd like to order some dvd's or T-shirts or whatever for yourself or Xmas gifts you can find all that here at my store

As soon as I have a playable demo and some official art I'll launch the site/dev blog for the game- right now I still have a lot of dirty work to do BUT so far so good and I'm REALLY excited about what I'll be able to make with this game-

To those of you who have stuck with me all this time- thank you and stay strange!