*This is just like my opinion maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

It seems there are many more commenters and critics these days than there are creators of original material- has it always been that way?

Do any children dream of one day talking about or talking over someone else's work?

When I grow up I want to play other peoples video games and talk over them while making funny faces for money-

When I grow up I want to sit around and complain about other peoples work for money-

Is that what you dreamt about being or doing?

Sure it makes a lot of people a lot of money for sitting around and making youtube videos but what does it add to the world? Besides extremely self referential entertainment that provides instant gratification based on pop culture and flavor of the minute memes-

Its all one-off throwaway type stuff- you had to be there stuff- is anyone in 20 years going to be watching this stuff? I know the status quo says you're not supposed to consider anything thats not happening in the next 15 seconds but I do anyway-

Its much EASIER to sit on the sidelines and criticize or comment on other peoples work than it is to make your own- make something original and no one listens- remark on pop culture and suddenly you have an audience- its very tempting-

This has become a business model on youtube- reference/comment/criticize pop culture and tap into the mainstream and make dat adrev money- so I can understand that its tempting to forego creating- don't be a Kubrick! Instead become Roger Ebert with an Oculus Rift-

If you want to be an animator skip the whole painful process of learning and becoming a good animator as that takes years and years- thats way too much time to spend actually learning to be the thing you dreamt of being- you are too busy playing with your ipad to do that!

Instead watch a bunch of animation and call yourself an animation expert! Don a funny hat, make youtube videos with "best of" and "worst of" lists and I'm sure the Patreonbux will just start flowing your way as you have to let people know how hard it is to do what you do- sitting around filming yourself and editing said videos- really REALLY difficult stuff!

If you want to be a game developer- skip the whole making your own games thing as its just way too difficult as you have to like try and shit- its SO MUCH easier to just record yourself playing other peoples games while complaining about them and/or making funny faces and/or yelling- thats so much easier!

Well you're at it- LIFE is just way too hard- living an actual life is just too much work- it takes too much time- You've got content to consume and commenting/critic videos too make and we all know how HARD that is- yes of course you deserve all those PatreonBux- you're practically a hero!

INSTEAD create social media profiles that project an illusion of who/what you want to be! Thats so much easier than actually becoming who you want to be- also if your fucking miserable from an empty, meaningless life filled with fake smiles and jump cuts to cover your true thoughts and feelings be sure to smile that much more in your selfies!

Everyone will believe that you are so happy.... alone in that room commenting on other peoples video games and criticizing other peoples films... you are happy knowing that you are a modern version of this man... (if there's two or more of you then yer Roger AND Ebert)

AND I'm sure people today are watching Rogert Ebert's movie reviews from twenty years ago- right? I'm sure they are holding special screenings of his "work" wherein fans show up to discuss and analyze his "work" right?

Prolly not-

The thing is- that dude is dead- no one is watching his reviews today BUT people are still watching the movies he criticized- even the ones he shit on like Blue Velvet from 1986- he gave it one star- this dude is dead and no one gives a shit about his reviews yet people are still watching Blue Velvet and will continue too- forever-

David Lynch took a personal RISK in making Blue Velvet- he threw HIS LIFE into HIS OWN ORIGINAL project to FULFILL HIS VISION

Rogert Ebert sat there and talked about Blue Velvet because he was being PAID to do so- it involved NO RISK on his part- it had NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM PERSONALLY he was just a person TALKING about SOMEONE ELSE's WORK

The youtube commenter/critic of today sits there and makes videos because they are being PAID to do so- it involves NO RISK on their part- the games/films they are commenting on/criticizing have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM PERSONALLY- they are just people talking about/over SOMEONE ELSE's WORK

In twenty years people still be playing and talking about Minecraft- but will they be watching/talking about some Minecraft let's play video from 2015? Why would they? Those people have no personal stake in Minecraft- it has NOTHING to do with them- it was not THEIR VISION- their videos and the people themselves will be forgotten-

We all only have so much time in this place- what are you going to GIVE your TIME and LIFE too?

 Something that is throwaway media? That will be lost and forgotten in time?

OR will you take a RISK? Will you CREATE? And create something PERSONAL and ORIGINAL not involving Minecraft, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? Those are all someone else's personal projects- NOT yours- don't be a cover band-
"Cover bands don't change the world" -Todd Henry
If you love Star Wars- you realize that George Lucas could of easily foregone creating his own original universe and made a Flash Gordon fanfilm/spinoff/remake/reimagining whatever they fuck they call "copying" these days ^_^ It was called being a "biter" in the 80's but now its like the best thing ever!

HOORAY FOR BITERS! They make the best most popular-most adrev money making "content" around and no one is going to give a shit about it in the future at all- but they've got ipads now! Lots of ipads!

George Lucas took a risk and made something original and personal and you love it because of that- don't you want to try and do the same? Make something original?

Fuck making a "fan film"! Just grow a pair of metaphorical fucking balls, take a risk and make your own original thing! Don't be a coward!

If you want to make video games- than start making your own fucking video games- its that simple! Quit being a coward and start doing what you really want to do!

Murica 2015- since so many people are so dosed on who knows how many medications for who knows what the fuck- and since peoples true thoughts and feelings have been lost in a land of people so afraid of not being PC they act like fucking weirdo's.... its easy to go down the wrong path-

If you dreamt of being a creator and creating your own ORIGINAL work- then create your own original work and you will be really happy some of the time and so so the rest of the time until your dedication starts to pay off then you'll be happy ALL of the time- its that simple-

If you dreamt of being a creator and making your own original work and decide to go down the cover band path you will be sorta happy some of the time and kill yourself fucking depressed a lot of the time and need to take medication to simply be ok

So don't be a coward just commenting and criticizing- take a risk and CREATE something original and personal- you might be surprised at what you can do and who you can become- and in 20 years you'll still like who you are and be proud of what you have done- and other people might still get enjoyment out of it too-

We can't say for now if I'm right about this comment/criticizing vs. creating stuff- we'll have to check this blog post in 20 years to know-

Comment on this if you're reading it in 2035 to let us know who won -

A) The people that took no risk and talked about people that did things or talked about the things the other people did?

B) The people that took little risk and made things by copying things other people did?

C) The people that huge risks and made their own original and personal things?

I'll bet 1 btc on C ^_^