Must have Unity assets when you can't code

I come from a filmmaking/animation background- I started making games in Jan 2014 with zero coding knowledge- Along with Unity these are the tools that have helped me the most with my game dev as someone who can't code- Maybe they can help you too?- check out my games here

Standard Assets- FREE - the prefabs included in this free package include first person and third person character setups you can drag/drop into your scenes and use without code- there's also a few camera setups included that are drag/drop as well + a ton of cool fx

Playmaker- $45- $95 - THIS IS THE ONE! this is the magic asset that will allow you to make any game you want without coding- its on sale pretty regularly so buy it whenever you can BUT you won't be able to use the "I need a coder" excuse to not make your games anymore. Playmaker is a tool that uses FSM's or finite state machines to do its thing. Read about them here If you start using Playmaker use their forums as the dev's and users are super helpful.

Behavior Designer - $70 - Playmaker can do everything really well EXCEPT more advanced ai stuff and that is EXACTLY what Behavior Designer is good at. Behavior Designer is totally visual and just as easy to learn as Playmaker- once you learn it you'll use it for a lot more than ai. Behavior Designer uses behavior tree's to do its thing. Read about them here The developer of this asset offers AMAZING support so if you buy it I highly recommend using the forum

Behavior Designer add on Packs- $10 each - If you get Behavior Designer I highly recommend getting the add on packs as well -especially the MOVEMENT PACK as it contains the stuff you need to create NPC ai really fast. There's two packs at this time and more on the way says the dev ^_^

Cinema Director- $40 - If you plan on creating cutscenes for your game then you'll want this asset- it makes creating animated cut scenes dead easy. I come from a filmmaking/cg animation background and I found Cinema Directors tools/workflow very intuitive AND it works with Playmaker and Behavior Designer! Checkout their forum to get help and the latest news

Adventure Camera and Rig - $35 - The 3rd person camera that is included with the free standard assets is pretty nice but if you want a step up from that this is a really nice 3rd person camera controller that is really easy to use and modify- the developer of this asset is extremely helpful and offers awesome support on the thread for the asset here

Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes(LDC)- $95 - If you want a DEAD EASY dialogue system that requires no coding then you want this asset- it does more than dialog as you can do titles and even cutscenes with it- I've only used it for the dialog system so far and its worth the price for that alone- I checked out all the other dialog systems and I didn't find any of them very friendly to a non coder but this one really is! The developer is also really helpful and attentive- he created a script for me to allow this asset to talk to Playmaker the same night I emailed him a question- thats amazing support!

These are all the tools that I use everyday on my games and I feel really lucky to have tools that are super powerful and easy to use like these- good luck, have fun, and just because you can't code it doesn't mean you can't make games!