Back on the blog....

Hello there- I'm back to this old blog with its annoying layout as I grew tired of what little exposure I had to social networking sites- the only one of "those things" I was using was Twitter- - I logged out of it the other day never to return so I'm back here-

I've been playing around with Akasha and MaidSafe as blogging/social platforms though- they are very promising and I look forward to using them more-

I was using Discord for a little while as well but just like those social networking sites I felt it taking my focus away so I stopped using it as well-

I just finished the third music video I've done for my wife- you can see it here

I made the video in 3 days using Unity and some stuff from the Unity asset store- if you want to make your own here are the assets I used
Animal Adventure Pack 
Toon Foxy Girl
Simple Military
Low Poly Landscapes

So the video took 3 days and had a budget of $80- that's the cost of the assets-

I'm using Unity everyday for my big secret game project I'm CLOSE to unleashing ^_^ My next project is something for Endika- the composer of  "Heart String Marionette"- me and that guy have an interesting past together haha- we've been through some stuff YET never wavered in our cores about what we are here to do so we will continue working together-

So I'm going to make an interactive webgl musical experience using the music he wrote for Heart String Marionette- I'm going to build it in Unity and you'll be able to experience it through a web browser- In it you'll go to a place using a FPS controller and the music will play and stuff will happen- not too sure what I'm going to do to be honest but I start on it Friday and gave myself about 2 weeks on it-

I've learned to code since I last frequented this blog and my Unity skills are getting good BUT you'll just have to see the proof in my next game- I'm just a beginner at programming BUT I love it- I'm buying a ton of books on it and am dedicated to learning-

Here's a little video I did the other day about making custom scripts for Playmaker and Behavior Designer

Its so weird as I was on this filmmaking/animating thing for so long I NEVER thought I'd enjoy coding but it was a nice surprise to myself-

I imagine I'll be creating my own small applications in 2-3 years after I found the C# libraries people have made for Bitcoin and Ethereum 0_0 BUT I'm %100 committed to game dev right now and making the best game I can with my un-named game-

Like I've always done- I'm sharing as I learn stuff- here's my github repos with a bunch of Playmaker/Behavior Designer custom scripts mdotAtGitHub

I'll write on here often- just wanted to get on here and start it up again-

Thanks for reading and best to you my friends,