If physicality is an illusion- humans trap themselves in boxes-

Your skeptical author at age 10 in center

I've always been skeptical of the supposed paradise that many humans claim lives in various pleasurable physical behaviors-

I acknowledge that the highest peak most humans can reach is one that can be reached through eating, fucking, jumping out of an airplane, shooting heroin etc- through participating in these basic physical behaviors-

Eating, fucking, jumping around, consuming materials to alter consciousness- even the most basic mammals do that stuff- its no great accomplishment- its nothing to take pride in- that is unless you are not very intelligent- if you're not very smart than go crazy- just don't reproduce so much please- I know you can't control yourself when you eat the food and start rubbing the genitals but come on now-

Why would such mundane things seem to be so exciting to so many humans? I'm going to discount conditioning and mind control through the media and regressive societal structures that reward the weak- and of course the chemical assault that when mixed with the various psychological attacks creates a sort of psycho/chemical lobotomy in many humans- lets ignore that-

So why do they believe eating cheese whilst participating in the mile high club high on coke is the best thing ever?

It is because they don't know what it is to CREATE- sure, many "procreate" by using their sexual organs to mix genetic goo thereby "creating" another human- thats not what I'm talking about- raising a remarkable human being is an accomplishment I must say- but mixing goo to make one isn't- so stop congratulating people for achieving something animals without frontals lobes do better than us-

I'm talking about having an idea and using one's will, time, energy, emotion and intent to create something that did not exist before the idea- now it has come into physical reality and can be shared with others-

CREATION is the greatest feeling of all- it is the highest peak- physicality is an illusion and creation transcends this illusion- long after these physical bodies have become dust and have blown away with the wind- these creations can still exist- all humans that come about through procreation will turn to dust and disappear without a trace- the creations will echo on through the universe for all eternity-

Your creation is a drop of you that splashes into an endless ocean of energy- of consciousness- through this you become eternal-

Now when you create that special thing the ripples go out to the edges of the universe and they begin to bounce back towards you- THIS is THE THING- I can't really explain it but it is something special- this is the transcendence and if you've ever felt it you'll understand these words-

Its not about praise or money- its not about being recognized- its something otherworldly and it is special- it is the greatest thing.

If physicality is an illusion- none of it means anything-

I must say-

I myself do take great care in maintaining my health- all aspects of it- as this is my physical vehicle for this journey through space play-time-

BUT I know that physicality doesn't mean anything- physicality is a means to an end- it allows us to take our thoughts and manifest them in physical reality and that is a special thing.

I say this because part of the human game/trap is to trap yourself in your physical- to believe you ARE your physical vehicle and that is all you are- I'm a blue car and someone else is a red car- so who fucking cares? I don't- somebody has a truck and I have a motorcycle- who fucking cares- our bodies are a means to an end- Why would I waste my time staring at bumpers all day? I'm not an idiot.

So much of the bullshit of life is an attempt to get people to bury themselves inside of their physical vehicle so they can be sold various solutions and accessories that promise to help them find happiness and joy- fuck all that bullshit- use whatever vehicle you got- take care of it and CREATE. You'll reach higher highs than any of the humans buried in physicality as their only means of expression and false creation-

You'll come to view the buried in physicality humans as dogs wearing sport suits and blazers- really smart dogs that can aim a pool cue and even play card games- drive cars, use SMARTphones, run companies!

If you are not one of these dogs playing card games than break out of the mental doghouse these people have kenneled you into- if you are not one of them they might come to fear you- they will pack up and do their best to contain you- to neuter you- to spay you-

You are smarter than them- so outsmart them- lie to them if need be, just never lie to yourself- tell them what will make them comfortable and be on your way quietly and secretly if need be- do what you want to do while telling them what they want to hear- make them believe you're following the path they want you on and go your own way-

Do not waste your time trying to gain their approval or acceptance- simply tell them what they want to hear and do what you want to do- they get distracted so easily- so distract and misdirect them-

Nobody did anything great by asking normal people for advice unless it was market research for a product to sell to said normies- so just don't ask them unless you want to waste your time and energy-

A mindset is a box- a set of sides arranged to contain your existence-

A perspective is a frame- a frame of mind that sets your limitations-

What box have you built for yourself?

Have you trapped yourself inside of a frame that doesn't fit?

If so- then smash the box- step outside the frames because they don't really exist-

As much as the dogs playing poker try to convince you thats its all about cheese/cheese, cheese/cash, grass/grass, and ass/ass its not real- those things appease the lower self which is all fine if you are satisfied with being a puppet whose limbs are pushed up and down by rods from below-

There is also the higher calling- to be a marionette that is operated by hands from above- a higher calling from a higher self-

I'm sure the rich man tries to convince people that life is all about being rich-

The ripped man who bangs strippers all day will tell you its all about that-

And maybe the creative type like me will try to convince its all about what I do?

We won't know who was right until death is here- I'm no dog playing poker but I'm willing to wager than I'm right- Maybe I'll open a market for it on Augur? But how to validate????

Physicality is an illusion- so escape the kennel that was built for you and CREATE*

*with SINCERITY- NOT SNARK or else you won't get THAT FEELING