Strange Update 4-2-17

Working away in obscurity on things unseen and unknown by eyes outside of your tiny inner circle- that's what I've been doing whilst working on this game-

I've put in a lot of time on this thing- it sort of reminds me of We Are The Strange in a way as I'm some unknown dude working on some crazy original ambitious project no one knows about-

You know me... I can't just make a simple, short "intro" level can I? Gotta be all ambitious 0_0

And the conceptual core of this game- the "story" or concept behind the world of the game is the original idea behind the world of We Are The Strange- it never made it into that film- the original idea behind that film never made it into the final- but its something that has always intrigued me- and it means a lot to me-

If I'm going to work for hundreds of hours alone on a project I have to believe in it- I have to believe that there is something I'm putting into it that is important- some message- some emotion- something that can't be bought or sold- something that possibly can't be explained but it feels powerful and important to me-

I know- a lot of fancy talk with nothing to show ^_^ Right now I'm just some random dude working on a PC in a back room- its kind of nice to feel like a mad scientist working away on something that could be brilliant or explode in your face and kill you- that's how programming/game dev makes me feel every other hour-

My usual days consists of working inside on my PC, working out outside with my kettle bell and riding my bike to go get food or to do some paper work at a cafe or Whole Foods- I don't socialize- I don't "hang out" there's no time for that- there's too much to create- too much to do-

Video games are crazy- you can create a digital world filled with living digital beings- set the rules- set the stage and let a living human engage/explore your world to discover the paths and experiences you have made available for them- its awesome-

Anyway- enough about that- I hope to have something to show you soon-

For now all I have are these photos from my sketchbook AND OH SHIT I LOVE these VELA notebooks- I use the hard/dura covers- they are great if you need a tough/nice sketch/note/evil plan book

Did you know that I'm also a music producer? Yeah I didn't know either until recently....

If you've followed my work you know I'm a prolific unknown musician that's made a million songs no one has listened to except Latham and Jemilla down there in the AU....sup yall ^_^

Through all the experience working on my own music and through doing the audio stuff on my films/games and other peoples films etc I've gotten pretty decent at audio/music production- I'm not some mixing/music genius but I've got the basics down ok-

Long story shorter- my wife, who is the musician ÝRÝ has a friend from childhood that is also a talented musician- she lives in Brazil and self produced an album- I heard it and thought I could add a lot of production value to it- so I offered to help her redo her album- I'm "producing" the tracks I guess?

She sends me the midi files + vocal audio files for the complete songs- I replace/add instruments using her midi files and try to re-shape the song for maximum win-


That reminds me- in recent years after doing all different kinds of creation/work I've realized that everything is storytelling and math/logic- a good movie is of course a good story- a good song is also good storytelling- builds/point/counter-point/rhythm/timing- marketing is storytelling- everything is.....

A single good animation is good storytelling- the principles of animation are good storytelling-

Its everywhere- and everywhere that its not math/logic is there- I rant to the few people I talk to irl about this these days- if I still did a podcast I'm sure this is what I'd be talking about these days-


We've finished all 10 tracks for the album now- I'm also going to help her with the album art and make her a music video as well-

I'm doing this all for free of course because I really like her music and because she's my wife's best friend since childhood- here's a little sample of one of the songs-

We don't know what song it'll be yet but I'll be starting on a music video for her this coming week- so new music video soon and I really think you all will like her album.

SPEAKING of albums- my wife ÝRÝ  will have her new album finished soon- its being mixed/produced by our awesome friend Einar in Iceland- he's the man behind the Icelandic band Noise seen here

I got to see them play last summer in Iceland and they were awesome 0_0

Regarding Iceland- since I'm married to an Icelander and my father in law got me an Iceland shirt for Xmas AND because I blacked out on moonshine with a sailor named Ragnar my first visit to Iceland AND because I walk around in the Icelandic freezing wind with only a t-shirt unlike those DAMN AMERICAN tourists crawling all over the main shopping street-

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeh so I was vouching for my Icelandic cred- I also eat giant ice cream comes with the luxury chocolate dip every day when I'm there- don't believe me? Here's me and my music god friend Endika with said Ice cream cones from last Summer-
Serbian man with hair, Croatian man with no hair + ice cream cones

I forgot where I was going with this whole Iceland thing- Oh yeah- I'm there like every summer so if you are going to be there some Summer let me know and we'll get ice cream or Kebab at Mandi- I know it doesn't sound Icelandic, its not- its a Syrian kebab place and its the best-

Places- my wife and I used to love going to this coffee house there called "ten Drops" in English BUT they stopped serving the Skyr cheesecake?! How could they?! BETRAYED- this is our favorite coffee house now even though the American guy working there was an annoying drama queen-

Icelanders! Fire and exile all Americans please- They ruin everything- trust me, I was one of them until I burned it out of myself with bottles of Brennivin ^_^

Of course I'm kidding except for the exiling Americans part and the Brennivin thing- I burned something but I'm not sure what it was-

The bottle contained a white skull on the black label, in order to warn against consumption, later replaced by the map of Iceland. Therefore, it was sometimes called "svarti dauði" (black death).

Have you been around my bloggy place to remember me going on about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? It was in 2013- well if you bought in then and HELD/HODL you've got some pretty nice gains eh? AND if you invested in Ethereum when the crowdsale launched pretty nice eh? I think I was posting on twitter about it-

I stopped using Twitter as its a shitty company like all the rest of the centralized shitty  companies- I'm not saying THIS IS THE ONE! throw all yer money in their crowdsale if/whenever they do it BUT I've been posting/playing with Akasha since the alpha launched- I think I was one of like the first ten people to sign up but you can find me on there- its still every early but its promising-

I thought this Youtube comment from Alan on one of the music vids I did  for my wife was coo regarding Akasha-
I've been posting my recent music video works on Akasha and it was found by this Web 3.0 traveler-

Another thing I never knew I was until recently- I do offer crypto-currency related financial advice to friends and those that have listened have made MAD GAINS BRO haha

Oh yeah back to Youtube comments- I got this one on I AM NIGHTMARE recently- 

Shiiiiiit I guess I better get back to this game work- and oh yeah- this is back on the internet in case you missed it.

Before I go- I'll be in Los Angeles April 12th - 16th- If you would be interested in meeting up please let me know in the comments and/or contact me. 

P.S. Ricky, Sean, & Juan- hope to see you maniacs down there- fucking love you guys maaaaaaaaaaan.