Strange Update 4_18_17

I'm sinking.....

I'm back in San Jose after a few days in Los Angeles visiting family and friends-

I'm back to work on my game but before I do I thought I'd post some pics and type a bit about what I'm investing in this week-

Had a nice time in LA with my pals Ricky Grove, Kool Skull, Moon and Azure Shadow ++

Here's a blurry photo of from Left to Right- Kool Skull, my nephew, Me, Moon and Azure Shadow

Left to Right- Kool Skull, my nephew, Me, Moon and Azure Shadow
Here's my nephew and I walking down some street

Thank you to Ricky, Juan and Sean for the nice times.

So yeah- now I'm back to working on this game and I have a music video to do for the Brazilian musician whose album I produced to do- AND there's a little game I have to do for the Subzero festival on June 3rd- this will be the third year/game in a row I've done- here's a pic from last year with Flip N Chop

I did a brief outline of this years game- it will be a local 2 player thing with baseballs and window breaking I'm thinking- but you don't really know if that's the thing until you start to test prototypes- looking forward to working on it though-

little peoples

I'm back on the big game now- I thought I was very close to having the first level/area done and ready for testing but just before it was complete I made a test build and noticed that the performance was suffering from all the active npc's in the scene-

I looked at a couple different strategies to deal with the issue like having the npc's spawn/despawn automatically based on distance/visibility from the player but I decided to break up the level/area into several smaller sub-scenes and use this awesome free asset to stream them in- it only took about an hour to integrate the asset and setup the first 3 sub-scenes- I tested it and it works great-

My work today will be breaking up/saving the rest of the area into sub-scenes- I know I haven't shown much of anything from this game BUT I did show some unseen footage to my strange friends in LA last week ^_^

If you didn't know I've been a crypto-currency enthusiast/investor since 2013 now you know- but I pay attention to the markets/scenes and invest in companies/services/technologies I think are cool and good for the future of the world-

I skipped the crowdsale for SingularDTV because I had just glanced over it and was initially turned off because they had "Hollywood" people working for them- If you don't know- I'm VERY anti-Hollywood- it's a horrible cesspool that exports lies and degeneracy all over the globe- but anyway-

Because of that knee jerk reaction I didn't participate in the crowdsale BUT I happened across some recent posts by their Ceo and I liked what I read- here is his latest post-

So I started buying their token SNGLS on Bittrex this week- I like their ideas and I think it would be awesome if they were able to build their decentralized media/rights platform- as of today the token price is around .05 usd

The ICO space is littered with SCAMS but SingularDTV has several reputable people from the Ethereum space onboard which gives me some confidence in the project-

The upcoming ICO that is making a bunch of noise in the space that will probably sell out in 10 seconds is Gnosis- its a prediction market like Augur +more- I'm still not sure if I'm going to participate in that one as it looks like it will sell out fast at a high price- if it goes for a few days I'll buy in-

The other thing that makes me hesitant about Gnosis is that you have to buy in with Eth- I'd much rather buy in with Btc- I know you can trade Btc for Eth and then buy in but that just feels weird to me as I feel like Eth will grow faster/more in the near future-

Gnosis has a ton of eyes on it and I sort of like the dark horses- I like investing in the sleepers- Maidsafe sat at .01 - .02 for a long time- I participated in the ICO but also was buying at .01- it's around .20 now so yeh that was a good time ^_^ I've been trying out their alpha's and it really works so it still has potential I'm thinkin-

This isn't financial advice I'm just sharing what I'm thinking/doing in the space-

Well I better get back to game work-