So I met this guy named WEIRDRO

Recently as a test of a technique for my main game project I made this thing- I was testing live lip sync in a build-

It was fun to make so I made another the next night

All the assets in these vids are either from old abandoned projects of mine + Unity assets from the store- the little man's head is actually a nightmare head from my film I am Nightmare ^_^

Anyway- he's fun to play around with and I came up with some novel mechanics for him to use in a "game" setting so I'm looking at my calendar this month to see if I can fit in time to make a game for him-

On 5-19 I start on a new game for San Jose's SubZero festival which is on 6-3- So since I'm crazy I'm going to try and take 2 weeks to make this guys game then do the other one as well as work on my main game-

Don't worry- I'm a grizzled veteran so if I think I can do it- I can.

I'm excited to do this little one for other reasons as well- it would be the first game I would make without using Playmaker- I'm comfortable coding everything now so I'm looking forward to that as well-

On my main game project I ran into a performance wall upon having the first area done so I then learned about  async? Coroutines and threading- Since I'm new here I used this asset for the "More Effective" Coroutines and this add on to it to send stuff to background threads-

I also broke my scenes into pieces and am using this asset to handle the scene streaming-

So now the performance on my main game is great BUT its my "big project" so I hate it some times haha- its a big complicated thing that moves slowly- so these two fast little game projects really seem nice right now ^_^

Well I'm back to work on the games- next post I'll probably have two new ones to share with you!


Here is some gameplay video of the game featuring this guy- its called "WEIRDRO"