Goodbye Sneak

The day after I returned from being in Iceland to attend my father in law's funeral services our cat Sneakers got hit by a car and died-

(EDIT (6-14-17) I just found out from a neighbor that our cat wasn't killed by a car- a deranged homeless person apparently killed him and placed his body out in front of our house- this neighbor called the police whom didn't think it was important to notify us so we just found him dead in front of our house the next morning....MERICA... there's mentally ill people roaming the streets and living in the bushes throughout the cities)

I just buried him in our backyard.

He had a good cat life as he ate the best cat food, got to sleep in our bed and we were always petting him- it's still sad when one of your little furry buddies has their life cut short.

He was a cool cat, we'll miss him.

See you in another place Sneakers,