R.I.P. Obi

This is a post to pay my respects to my father in law-

He passed on to another place about two weeks ago- I just returned from Iceland after attending the services-

He treated me as a friend and with the utmost respect from the first time we met-

We shared many laughs and fun times together- he was a smart guy(and a geek like me) that spoke 5 languages and had a great(and often unbridled) sense of humor- we got along well-

Last summer he flew my wife and I out to visit him in Malta for a few weeks- I snapped the above photo from his balcony- he always treated us the best you can treat a person-

I will be eternally grateful to him for his kindness and for the trust he placed in me-

My wife and I just did the basic legal marriage thing when we got married but he insisted on throwing us a small party afterwards-

He gave a speech and seemed really happy about us getting married- A father's trust means a lot-

Thank you Obi- hope to see you again in other places.

Your son in law,