Get off

When mobile phones became a thing I passed and never bought/used one- I still haven't- I've missed nothing but endless streams of nonsense and trivial matters delivered via "social" media apps/sites-

When "social" media became a thing I tried it out for a little while- deleted most of it in 2008- deleted Twitter this past year- I've missed nothing but an endless stream of bickering about nonsense and personal reality show drama-

I barely have the attention to answer emails in a timely manner because I'm so involved in my work- Why would I want constant notifications about bullshit to disturb me? I'm trying to code some crazy procedural puzzle system!

If I just wanted an excuse to procrastinate and fail at reaching my goals I'll be all over having a phone and all the "social" bullshit- I'm sure I'd find tons of other losers who would tell me "It's ok to fail bro, you know- some things are just too hard, we should chill some time and have a beer"

I don't want to procrastinate- I don't want to make excuses for my failures- I want to learn and grow- I want to overcome adversity and get better- I want to get smarter and more skilled- is social media going to help me with that?

I have no phone and no social media accounts besides Youtube and it's great ^_^ If I want to read some news or read about what is going on I visit a few websites and do some reading then I leave and do work-

Fuck reading clickbait headlines and the babble of useless histrionic humans I'm trying to read books!

When I was 21 I didn't drink so I didn't go to bars- 21 is the current legal drinking age in California- I remember walking past bars on my way home to DO WORK(animate/write/draw/make music)

When I walked by I saw people around my age in the bars screaming at each other, laughing, flirting- I'd feel lonely for a little bit and feel like I was missing out on something- yet- night after night I went home and did work instead of wasting my time arguing with nobody at some bar-

With bars and "nightlife" it's pretty much the same thing that happens in every city, every weekend, FOREVER- you're not missing anything-

Years later I'm SO GLAD I skipped all that social bullshit and did work instead- work that helped me be who I wanted to be and live a happy interesting life-

I see "social media" much the same- people participate because they believe they will miss out on something- but really, what will you miss out on?

It's all the SAME BULLSHIT with different faces every day, every week, every month, every year, everywhere- FOREVER-

Think about what "happens" on social media platforms- it's the same shit with different faces over and over- useless drama after useless drama-

Its millions of concurrent mundane personal reality shows that interact and produce nothing but ad revenue and data to mine for various corporations-

By participating in the bullshit what you WILL miss out on is REALIZING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL-

You will greatly hinder your ability to be great and do great things- if your only aspiration is to be a normie and live a mediocre life then wasting away on the social media data mining plantation is fine I guess-

I know I have more important things to do-

Do you? Then log off the social media bullshit and go do them before you die-