Tiny text based news broadcast

Hurry tiny man it's tiny text based news time!

My wife and I made this "Dottir" album a few years ago-

People keep buying it and I'm at a good place with my current game prototype- I never thought I'd be pseudo-coding on paper but that is what I do all day-

The second to last method is all wrong but I fixed it in the code- the code maaaaaaan- the code! I love programming so much 0_0

I finally feel capable coding in Unity now that I have a full bag of tools and I learned a lot about code architecture- My current game prototype is online multiplayer so soon I'll probably post a link here for testing with you people-

So yeah I'm about 6 tracks through a new Dottir album- when I'm making stuff like that I average about two tracks a day- I create all the parts, sequence them, and write the lyrics- then some time soon we'll go into the vocal closet and record the vocals-

The other morning I couldn't sleep so I was just laying in bed thinking about the worst possible predicament a married person with a family could be put in for some reason- probably from all the time I spent on /watchpeopledie- anyway- I came up with this idea that only works as a linear narrative-

So now my mind is all- write the story- animate it- that's how things seem to work- game dev/programming is going good so now be inspired to make a new music album- oh music album is going good now get inspired to write a book or make a new film 0_0

I've learned to take inspiration as I can get it- if I absolutely cannot work on the idea at the time I make sure to write it down/document it so when I'm in a depressive period and feel nothing but agitation I have a pool of ideas to choose from-

If you tend to have up's and down's too- make sure you start and COMMIT to a project while in an up period THEN be a stubborn asshole that possibly cannot admit defeat as when you're in a down period you'll want to quit-

The stubborn/can't lose (to yourself) attitude will get you through the down period and give you a reason to get up in the morning-

Finishing the project will boost you up again so be sure to start another project right away while in this up period- 

Watch the birds way up in the sky- watch the seagulls catch the wind and coast on it- some times there's no wind and they begin to drift downwards BUT if they're high enough in the first place they'll be able to keep flying and not touch down-

That's how to do it- follow the birds-