A short animated film for Halloween

Storyboarded a new animated short while sitting at this bench yesterday- It's a new episode of my "Darksided" series- 

Well- I did part of the storyboard when I was on the bus on the way there- I walked 3.5 miles to this bench- storyboard the rest of it then walked back-

Script is ten pages- storyboard has a little over 100 shots-  So finished short should be about 10 minutes- I penciled it into my calendar for the 23rd - 30th so I can release it on/just before Halloween as it's a spooky little thing-

I'm going to make it in Unity using Slate- it needs lip sync but I haven't decided how I'm going to do that yet- I could go the audio driven puppet mouth route as that's easy to implement but as of right now I plan on using realistic human models and puppet mouth wouldn't work well with them-

So I either need to go the stylized route with puppet mouth OR stay with realistic humans and look at some facial mocap options- I don't own any mocap gear/special camera's so that seems unrealistic if I am to complete it by the 30th-

I'm still working on my new game prototype- it's a first person multiplayer procedural horror puzzly type game- All the features/mechanics/meat of the code is done- I'm pretty sure if all goes well it will be my first Steam release- anyway- back to work!

btw I love interfaces- I wish I would have learned about them sooner as they save so much time- that and how to properly use inheritance, virtual/abstract methods- really cool stuff!