Some new DOTTIR music for 2018

Finished and released a new "Dottir" album with my wife today- you can get it here

The album is also on Itunes,  Spotify , Apple Music- and other digital music services-

Here is a youtube vid of the whole album as well-

I went to a "sketch group" tonight at an old friends art shop called The Arsenal- here is what I drew- I was tasked with drawing this bottle of liquor that was on the table- the bottle also had a cobra and scorpion in it for some reason- the second drawing is based on some mannequin heads they had on the wall-

They asked me to host an art night thing in March of next year- I'll probably do an animation night sort of thing- I'll post about it here ahead of time in case anyone is interested in attending-

I'm not sure right now what I will work on next- but it will probably be game related- or film/game related- or maybe some more music- not sure yet haha-

Anyway- best to you my friends-

M doTs