Two interesting new filmmaking/storytelling tools

I came across these tools from a post on HackerNews-

The first one is a REALLY COOL storyboarding tool called Storyboarder

If I would had this back when I was making animated features it would have saved me so much time 0_0 It has a feature to import hand drawn boards as well- which it breaks into separate shots- I used to scan mine in and run a Photoshop action to do something like this ^_^

It has lots of other features- you can record audio straight into each shot- add the dialogue- time stuff- export to Premiere Pro- its a really, really awesome storyboarding tool and its free for now-

The second tool is from the same company/dev's I just played with it for a minute or two but its a very interesting tool for character development-

It helps you flesh out a character by answering questions for the character- really, really interesting stuff- its called Characterizer and available here-

Ok, back to coding ^_^