A postcard to you + I'm back as a biological human

I started making Youtube videos as a biological human again...

As of right now (7-20-18) I have 9 hand drawn postcards left to give away- if you would like one just send me a mailing address --> mdotstrange@gmail.com

I've got a new feature film on tap to go along with my big game project and I'm going to document both from here forward-

Since I don't use the CANCER that is the current iteration of social media (besides Youtube) I don't post photos anywhere but here- here are some photos from my recent trip to Japan with my wife and brother in law-

Breakfast in Shirakawa-go

Biological me and biological wife(YRY)

These nice guys gave us a free lesson in playing these Noh drums in a Noh museum in Kanazawa

Museum of old stuff in Takayama

Amazing pond full of tadpoles, frogs, newts, draonfly nymphs+++ in Shirakawa-go

Your friend the puppet master waiting for the toilet

A nice view

Back to work for me,