I guess I'm supposed to focus ^ ^

So a few posts back I wrote about some live gig I was gonna do in June where I was going to do live electro, freestyle and do my own visuals... well I was going to do that off this old Mac laptop BUT yesterday the hard drive errrrrrr'd out and I had to reformat it and reinstall the OS...in the process I lost all my audio samples/loops and ALL my visual clips 0_0 I dont back that stuff up because it doesn't have to do with the film so I guess I won't be doing that show... Now I has to tell the organizers...they r going to be kinda sad but I has no sound or video now so I make boring show.... When thaNGS like this happen I always try to find the HELLA GOLD lining mayne... So I worked harder on the film...

AND over the past year I've grown to LOVE FILTHY GRIMY DUBSTEP and like I want to rebuild all my loops and stuff with a little influence from the stuff I listen to all teh time... oh yeh... there's another musical style I was obsessed with a year ago.... and it might have influenced HSM in ODD ways... we'll just have to see ^ ^

MEANWHILE... after finally(I'm an impatient UBERECTOR ^ ^) getting the time/space to work on the score... Endika is going to start writing the music... he broke it down into 13 movements... which he will write/orchestrate over the next 13 weeks... he writes the music by hand onto custom designed notation like paper... then everyday he will transfer his work into Sibelius to create the digital version of the score which will AT FIRST use samples in place of real instruments..except for BASS, PIANO, CELLO because he plays themS... when it is all written he will then fill in the sampled instruments with real players IF he deems it necessary... then he will tackle the sound design, and then the submixes and final mix... Its a TON of work that he's never done before so I've offerred to help him with the stuff I know how to do... sound design + mix.... but he's taking it all on ^ ^ So he'll be like the audio Uberector on the film if all goes well.


  1. Oh dude all your samples?! Sad day indeed. :/
    Sorry to hear you can't do the show. Sounded like it might be fun for you..

  2. i think he's bullshitting us all
    he sits there and does whatever he wants for a year and give us a realese date
    why do i think that?
    he's from the future HE BROUGHT HIS WORK WITH HIM so he dosen't have to do it
    i'm not tricked that easily m dot strange (even though it took me a few years to realize it)
    so what do you really do all day?

  3. It is indeed a sadder day for the world...

  4. Mr STranGe, this is why you're my creative hero, literally. You lose an entire aspect of what you've created and you walk away focussed and making the most of the change in plan it introduced.

    Dude, you're part creative genius part tank. It's like there's nothing thats ever going to rock your world enough to get your finger off the "create" button.

  5. Don't know if you use anything for backup but I use Backblaze. It backups everything in 'the cloud' its encrypted, it does the backup continously and the space is unlimited! But you have to pay for each computer (but you can backup external drives with no additional cost). And costumer service is GREAT! Haha.


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