I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #11

I just got back from Texas where I got to hang out with my friend and fellow forever alone filmmaker Jimmy ScreamerClauz- here's Jimmy and food poisoned me in some cafe (I ate a little too much Tex-Mex and ended up half dead for two days 0_o)
Jimmy ScreamerClauz and a sick M dot Strange
Thanks to our homie Josh for flying us out there! It was nice to take a 5 day break and geek out for a bit.

I just finished storyboarding sequence 3 of the films 9 sequences. This sequence is 177 shots and covers  14 pages of script. I'll have a 15 shot/day quota this month- I start animation tomorrow and I'll finish Sequence 3 on the 21st of this month.
First page of I AM NIGHTMARE sequence 3 storyboards and 2013 schedule
Since I'm able to crank out animation so fast I'll be able to release the film on Xmas 2013 with no problem whatsoever-

I'll be in Iceland to visit my girlfriend and lovely assistant April 22nd - May 8th we're also going to planning a live action/animated documentary we're going to do on an icelandic sailor who has the best real life stories I've ever heard. He's an amazing storyteller and has some awesome and hilarious true stories. So in the documentary I hope to capture the stories of an icelandic sailor travelling the world in the 1950's through animation.

 I'm going to do as Jimmy Screamerclauz suggested in the comments on this here blog and leave one PC on to render while I'm gone- and once I get back I'll just leave that one PC rendering 24/7 as one PC won't destroy the power bill like seven will.

There is another STRANGE production on the horizon as well- I wrote an animated sci-fi feature script in 2011 which I wouldn't be able to produce with my normal no budget means. So what I've decided to do is this....

The first 7 pages of the script is like a short film in itself and also sort of a standalone trailer for the full film. So I'm collaborating with a talented musician in Moon and Azure Shadow- whose album I posted about here in the past in which I did the album art for ya see- buy it here its dope!
Moon and Azure Shadow CD
So I gave him the script last week or so ago- he's going to create the music for the 7 page snippet which will lead to the creation of a 5-8 minute short animated film- once we have the finished short we'll release it for free online and launch a kickstarter campaign to fund the full feature film in which I'll hire other modelers, animators and artists to work on it- if it gets funded we go ahead with it- if it doesn't the standalone short film will still be something we'll be proud of.

So yeh lots more to come! I have to get started on the next solo animated feature film I'm going to do after I AM NIGHTMARE as well- so lots to do but I love the work so its fun times ^_^

Mega thanks to the people who recently pre-ordered I AM NIGHTMARE! You should have received your hand drawn postcards by now- I'll be prepping the next pre-order bonus download soon and it MIGHT be a teaser trailer ^_^ Ok I'm back to work!


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    Also, I just realized that ive never actually seen screamerclauz's face before now.


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