Be an extra in my new film I AM NIGHTMARE!

I've animated over 75 minutes of my new film I AM NIGHTMARE so far but I've render 0 minutes of it- just when I was going to start rendering on my old render PC it died- So I need to raise about $800 to replace it so I'll be able to release the film by Xmas 2013.


So you'll be helping me make the film and be a part of it yourself! Please feel free to share the above image on Fbook or Tumblr or where ever.

AND if you already pre-ordered the film YOU WILL be getting a coupon code to gift the film to friends for Xmas as well ^_^

So what's the difference between this and the pre-order?

They both give you a copy of the film, soundtrack, and a dvd coupon- the "pre-order" gets you a ONE OF A KIND hand drawn postcard drawn by me- the extra deal does NOT. I will be discontinuing the pre-order soon.

P.S. I launched this because 17 people replied yes to my previous survey and thats enough money to get the PC parts I need- thanks for responding honestly yall!


  1. Aw yeah, bitches!

    Shared the link on my bookface, too. A couple of my friends were interested :)

  2. I could come up with the scrillah by the Thursday after next... dont know if that helps but I'd love to help an be in on this

  3. soon as i get the cash i'll be sending it your way. kind of want my head face to be a butt though...

  4. just paid. slight question, can we get a pic of the model once its done? just like a jpeg or something. maybe put them in one of the books im sure ull do for IAN. just curious, take care

    1. Thanks! Yes of course and I'll do one better ^_^ So I'll release high quality photos of the models for you AND I'll give you the 3d model of your character!


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