Black and White B_B00k for only $5.99

Since having the pages in color were really driving the price up I'm glad I can now offer B_B00k in Black and White which brings the price down to normal levels... NOW the color one IS much nicer to look at... so those of you that got the color one have a much nicer book ^ ^ BUT if you just want to read my motivational art/film werDs then grab the B&W or maybe get a couple and give them to friends who need an artistic kick in the ass ^ ^

Authored by M dot Strange, Edited by Rakel Musicbox

The spirited arts manifesto by professional weirdo and uberector M dot Strange.  

B_B00k addresses: Motivation, depression, using your emotional pain as fuel for your journey as an artist to meet your ultimate potential and know true happiness. How to create and live through your own INNER HERO! The way of the Samurai artist!

If you have never quite felt like you fit in, and that you have a passion for the arts greater than all those around you which can be quite depressing... then B_B00K is for you!

I wrote this book as sort of an artistic pick you upper... a kick in the ass... a slap in the back of the head 
to get you going creating the awesome work that you should be!