Don't forget what it's all about

It's easy to associate your art or craft with the tools you use to make it- BUT we should never forget what its all about- its not about the tools or even the medium- its all about us, our passion, our message, our stories, our emotions...

A lot of excuses are made because a person doesn't have the "proper equipment" or a proper workspace- now don't get me wrong! Proper equipment and a proper workspace are great BUT if you don't have access to those things don't count yourself out!

Passion and hard work can overcome any technical or workflow problems- its just about how bad you want it. If you want it bad you'll fight for it. If you don't want it that bad you'll give up.

I sometimes find myself looking at new computer hardware or software BUT my old stuff works just fine- its procrastination that calls me over to look at new stuff- it says "wow if you had this new stuff your work would go so much easier and faster" but I know that its a lie so I ignore the desire to lust after new stuff.

So I try to always remind myself as to what it is all about- its about WHAT and WHY you create not HOW or WHERE you created it. As time passes no one is going to give a shit about the equipment used to make a film or whether or not it was made in some fancy studio- the work will have to stand on its own.

So whether you're in a basement, or a bedroom- a fancy loft or an abandoned warehouse- its WHAT you're creating or NOT that matters. If you're a filmmaker who uses IMDB- the films are in your filmography or they are NOT- you don't get extra credit for having fancy equipment or a fancy studio.

I sort of had an epiphany when a friend who was travelling through asia told me that he saw a bootleg We Are The Strange dvd being sold in a street stall next to bootlegged Pixar films- the majority of the audience doesn't give a shit who made a film or where it came from or how it was made or with what- so we should focus on what is really important.

It's important to do your best and COMPLETE these things- not wait around for the perfect new equipment or setting- time waits for no person and it will simply pass you by and no one will ever see your films- so you miss out as does the audience as you might have had something wonderful to share!

So stop waiting and start creating! A time will come when you can have all the shiny things if you still want them- for now just put the time in and COMPLETE your works!