VFX revolt coming? I hope so!

I don't watch TV so I didn't see the Oscars(nor would I ever waste my time with such trash) BUT I do know what has been going on in the VFX industry- and I heard that some d00d won an Oscar for his VFX heavy film in which the artists DID NOT get their just due AND he said he wished it was cheaper- so he pretty much said he wished the poorly paid artists would make even less because it was sooo hard for poooor little him to have other people make his film relevant while he heard complaints from greedy studio peeps.

I've been complaining that most blockbuster films owe their success to the VFX director, VFX artists and animators because VFX and animation are the showpieces in most all of those films. Their the most important element but they are not treated that way SIMPLY because the greedy peeps at the top of the food chain in the film industry don't care who starves or who gets treated like a slave- the directors don't seem to care- they just want it faster and cheaper.

I think people in the VFX industry need to revolt and say FUCK YOU to the film industry and form their own studios and make their own films and distribute them online through deals with netflix, google or whoever wherein they make the profits and get the credit for their work.

I know these people have families and bills to pay so why not go the kickstarter route? Some of these artists should get together and pitch their projects online- keep grinding in the industry but at least have a crowdfunded project out there that could potentially give them an independent future? Something that provides the opportunity to create and distribute their own intellectual property- because it doesn't seem like theres much of a future working inside of the film industry.

So I say VFX artists should posse up and use crowdfunding to make their own IP!

I don't claim to know anything about being successful in business- but its gotta suck to be treated like a slave whilst someone else takes credit for your hard work 0_o