Self actualisation- The greatest challenge?

It seems to me after venturing away from my computers for a few weeks and talking to a number of living humans that the one of the biggest challenges in life once basic needs to survive and be healthy are taken care of is trying to figure out what you want to do-

It makes me think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

It's that self-actualisation phase at the top that I'm talking about- its attempting to tackle that which brings out the "what do I want to do" panic in many of us.

I think this is where Joseph Campbell's "follow your bliss" is very handy because it is as simple as that-

What do you love to do? What can you not stop thinking about? What are you endlessly curious about? What challenge fascinates you? What can you stay up all night doing/thinking about? What makes you angry/frustrated/sad? What causes your passion to erupt?

I feel if your an artist or solo creative person you have to jump from the Safety phase to the Self actualisation phase AND THEN you get the belonging and esteem.

That's what makes it such a difficult path- unless you've achieved your individual potential you can't afford a family (if you want one)  and you don't really have time to be a part of any groups as you have to work away in your own little cave.

So its like your in the null zone for a long time wherein no one knows who you are, no one praises your work, you're probably making very little if any money with your art/creative work. You constantly doubt yourself and your choice with this path in life.

You think about giving up and maybe even killing yourself because your such a failure and a let down to those around you.

So if your on your loner path right now and feel like your in this dead zone just know that it comes with the territory- you just have to occupy your mind with progressive thoughts all the time- thoughts of moving forward- plans for the future- small steps you can achieve whilst moving towards your goal.

FUCK THE WORLD that judges and berates people based on how much money they make or what they don't own.

Look into the dividends market and futures trading- or watch this Ted Talk that touches on "black box trading" on Wall Street, or check out how the Federal Reserve scam works here in the U.S.

Once you look at those things you'll see trillions of dollars generated from nothing- making scores of people rich- you'll realize the status quo is based on complete bullshit. Being "rich" doesn't mean your smarter, a harder worker or a better person.

So if you're creating things that you LOVE and completing them you are a SUCCESS! I believe that to be happy in life you've got to achieve your INDIVIDUAL GOALS not the goals of the group that is manipulated by mass media which is in turn guided by the banksters.

Worship that higher force inside yourself that pushes you to create, help others and be happy.

This current monetary system WILL DIE in time- so please don't go dying with it!

Find a way to somehow survive and work to achieve your individual potential because when this big game is all over you'll be glad you did.

When you've created your own things you're never alone- and they'll live on making people smile, cry, or laugh- the money you've left to your beneficiaries can't do that and I'm pretty sure it doesn't help people not feel alone.