Books that changed my life and perception for the better

This list is in no particular order

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
This book helped me shun all the excuses and become the productive creative powerhouse I am today- read it/listen to it and be HONEST with yourself and you will have a breakthrough in your art/career!

Linchpin by Seth Godin
When I read this book it reaffirmed many of the big choices I've made in life that people told me were wrong at the time but ended being right. The status quo is in the midst of doing a 180- don't get caught on the wrong side- read/listen to this book and become a linchpin today!

The Tao of Jeet Kun Do by Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee was wise beyond his years and an amazing martial ARTIST- all artists can learn from his teachings- this book is beyond inspiring and enlightening.

The Arts and Their Mission by Rudolf Steiner
I read this when I was a teenager and it helped form a deeper understanding and appreciation of the arts- I realized how important they are to all of humankind.

Beethoven: His Spiritual Development by J. W. N. Sullivan
I read this book when I first started making films- it helped form my perspective on the arts and my love of Beethoven, his music, his motivations, and his impact on the world.

On the Art of the Noh Drama by J. Thomas Rimer
I had never really found an approach to storytelling that made any sense to me until I read Zeami's treatises on Noh drama- once I found Zeami's writing I read all that I could and it was profoundly inspiring.

On the Art of the Theatre by Edward Gordon Craig
This book was written by a passionate man of the theater who talked about the future of the theatre and the purpose of the arts. I found it to be very inspiring- coming from an age wherein theatre and the arts were regarded as much higher forms than they are today.

The Theater of the Absurd by Martin Esslin
A very inspiring look into a theatrical form that was born out of necessity in order to express the realities of the day- the commentary of the goal and purpose of the theater of the absurd resonated with me strongly and was very inspiring.

Magick in Theory and Practice by Aleister Crowley
Don't be fooled/misled by the status quo perception of this jolly fat guy who liked to meditate- magick is the manipulation of your WILL POWER and the terminology used in regard to rituals is mostly metaphorical- the most important thing in this book are the magickal theorems which can be read here for free. If you're into my work I'm assuming you've gotten through the whole god/devil bullshit and can examine things from a more balanced state of mind and aren't afraid of something like this. These magickal theorems changed my life and continue to guide me on my path.

Matrix book series by Val Valerian
Because of strange things that had happened in my life up until that point- when I was 16 years old my mom bought me Matrix books 2, 3v1, 3v2, and 4 and over the course of a week or two I read them all cover to cover- I'm surprised my head didn't explode- but my consciousness felt like it was going to explode! These books helped set me on the path I'm on today and help carve out my perception. The only way to get them today is probably through torrents or file sharing as they are no longer sold. As a side note- I called into a radio show when I was a teenager to speak with the author of these books- I told him I wanted to make films- he said something like "it would be interesting if someone made a trilogy of films seeking to expand consciousness" or something like that- I am Nightmare is my third feature film- I wonder what the effect will be if someone were to watch all three in succession?

These books have helped and inspired me so I hope some of them can do the same for you! Its all about perception so books that change your perception change your life.