When you doubt others- you doubt yourself

As soon as you tell someone else that they cannot do something you're telling yourself that you can't do it either-

Perhaps that makes people feel more comfortable as then they'll never have to attempt that thing that they're afraid of? As they've told someone else that it is impossible

Once someone actually does it- then you have three choices-

1) Go into denial and pretend they do not exist
    Simply ignore them or their accomplishment that threatens you and your reality

2) Admire their accomplishment and use it as inspiration for your own
    Tell yourself "if they did it so can I!" and you even add "I'll do it better!"

3) Deny their accomplishment as invalid somehow making it not count (another form of denial)
    This allows someone to get back into the loop of choice #1

Perhaps there's some sort of creator karma? The more you hate on and doubt on other creators- the weaker your own powers of creation become?

The inverse may also be true ^_^