I am Nightmare post production diary #3

The deadline I've been working towards to release my new film I am Nightmare has been December 25th 2013- or just 24 days from now-

228 remaining renders as of Dec 1st

When I did my render time calculations a few months ago that deadline seemed within reach- BUT now on December 1st there is still about 230 cinema 4d shots waiting to render- thats 250 left out of 1,420 total- I'm rendering 24/7 on two PC's- the two PC's can do about 200 shots a week-

Now thats 3d renders or cinema 4d renders- once those renders are complete I composite the shots in After Effects then I have to render the final shots from there- I did some calculations for that and it will take 24 days to render the shots out of After Effects-

So due to render times it will be impossible to release the whole film on December 25th- its looking more like mid January now-

BUT I want to release SOMETHING on December 25th

So here is my idea- please let me know what you think of it-

What if I release the first 16 minutes of the film on December 25th as a download to everyone who pre-ordered it and for free online with a marketing push to pre-order it?

The first 16 minutes is almost like a standalone film BUT has a definite cliffhanger ending to it-

I could also do an official trailer on December 25th with the pre-order marketing push-

What do you think of this? Is it good for people who pre-ordered? Good for people who have never heard of the film?

Perhaps official trailer release on December 25th online and first 16 minutes as a download to everyone who pre-ordered?

So yeh please let me know what you think I should do! Thanks!