More images from I AM NIGHTMARE and updated release date

The compositing is taking longer than expected 0_0 BUT I'm currently working on sequence 9 of 9 so I'm at the very end- should be a few more weeks until the release-

The pre-order peeps will get the film as a download as soon as its done which should be around the beginning of February- then it'll be about a month or so after that for the official release- I need the extra time to make promo material and do a proper release

Here's some more preview images for you...

AND if you are an extra in the film check the crowd shots- maybe you'll find yourself ^_^

A strange crowd starring you- perhaps?

Checkin out the weird locals

The bossman yells at a prisoner

A nightmare looms over a helpless Teenee

Teenee looks at a strange contraption

Nightmares with prey in cocoons

What a strange crowd?! These people look familiar?!

The mayor addressing the townsfolk

Shades of HIM from We Are The Strange ^_^

The mystery man does mysterious things


Spittin fire!