In memory of Dad dot Strange

My dad died today- he raised me the best he could as he was in and out of Veterans hospitals as he was injured while in the Navy- he was an artist who got Parkinsons disease and couldn't control his hands anymore-that happened when I was still a kid- I hadn't seen him for seven years before I saw him on his death bed-

He was never able to support his family in his situation which I'm sure wore on him- so when he was dying I told him I was thankful to him for the great genetics he gave me as my intuition told me a father would feel guilty that he had nothing to leave his son- he said "ok" and grabbed my hand-

I felt failed as a son as I never had enough money to take care of him better as he was in a crappy care home at the end of his life but I chose the path of the artist and thats the path I walk on so I have no regrets-

I never had one straight conversation with my dad as he talked in ciphers- so there'll be things I'll always wonder about- but I like a little mystery-

I'd like to think that since I grew up to be an artist- I'll paint his greatest work of art with my accomplishments in creativity as his son.