I've slowly translated my filmmaking skill set into Unity muahaahahaaaa

I've now done quite a few music videos and cutscenes with Unity- for cinematic sequencers I started with Cinema Director, used Timeline briefly and now I'm using Slate which I think is the best of the lot right now-

Here's a recap in order of creation-

"Powerless" cutscene with Cinema Director

"Strange Driver" cutscene with Cinema Director

"Huginn Og Muninn" music video with Cinema Director

"Necromimesis" music video with Cinema Director

"Awake" music video with Cinema Director

"Λήθαργος" music video with Cinema Director

"Witch Hunt" music video with Timeline

"Reclaim your sol" video game teaser with Slate

So after making all these short things I feel totally confident in creating film-like stuff in Unity- Most of the music videos were made in about 3-4 days- the last cutscene was made in 5 days-

The game the cutscene is for is still my big "dream" project so I will continue to work on it BUT I have several other game idea prototypes I'm going to build including an AI storytelling engine and a freaky online co-op game-

This book THE PRAGMATIC PROGRAMMER has really helped me learn about good coding practices and this one GAME PROGRAMMING PATTERNS has introduced me to useful game programming patterns-

If you didn't already know Unity puts out some GREAT training videos- here are two of my recent favorites on the magical world of Scriptable Objects

This article on prototyping a game in 7 days really helped me a lot- I was spending too much time working on the details of games before the core had been fleshed out and tested so from now on I'm doing 7 day jams on my new game ideas and if they suck I abandon them-

In other news- I am currently creating a "Cinematic Production with Unity" course so I'll share everything I've learned in the world of film/animation along with how to translate that/utilize it inside of Unity with various cutscene tools-

After I create an interactive film type thing with Unity which I'm able too now with my new skillz maaaaaan- I will create a course about that too as it's FASCINATING STUFF 0_0

Ok back to work!