Reclaim your soL

Here's a special unlisted Youtube link for the 8 people who visit this blog ^_^ This is the first teaser trailer for a game I've been working on for some time now-

Watch the video here

It's a concept/story that I really believe in- it means a lot too me-  it's sort of strangely connected to my first animated feature "We Are The Strange"

I almost walked away from it weeks ago but decided to refactor it instead of totally abandoning it- it's the only thing I've worked since I stopped making films that chokes me up and brings a tear to my eye when I imagine it being completed-

Long story short- I jumped into it knowing too little about proper code architecture and before I knew how to code haha- I built things that worked BUT they were an amazing clusterfuck- since then I've finished other little projects + studied/read a lot about programming and NOW I can build something that works and isn't an amazing clusterfuck that you have to stare at for 15 minutes just to figure out what's going on- 

So there are working versions of the first hour or two of this game that people have tested BUT now it's just a prototype that I can't extend without much pain and agony- so on to refactoring!

ALSO I did a music video for the musician whose album I guess I produced? ^_^ The music video should go up soon- here's a still