Game before film

Check out this PS1-ish style maaaaaan

My last post was describing an animated short film I was going to make/release for Halloween this year- I'm going to have to push that back a few months as I'm making good progress on my current game project-

I'm an obsessive worker and game dev- more specifically programming can really feed the obsession thing- I'm doing ten hour workdays everyday and loving it-

I hadn't planned this game to have a procedural component BUT I looked into and started playing with some code and now the room skeletons are randomly chosen from a list and they are filled with stuff procedurally, items/objects are placed procedurally as well-

I might generate the rooms procedurally as well BUT I need to set some limits for myself so the games scope doesn't get too crazy for my current skillset-

I'm not doing anything fancy- just breaking the spaces into cells then applying labels to the cell- then objects read the cells and rotate/move until the find a match-

This the FIRST game that I have worked on/made that started with a very specific mechanic- all the other things I've done were tests of technologies and tests of mechanics- they were projects where I was saying "can I do this?" or "how do you do this?"

Now I know what I can do and how to do things so this is the first game where I'm asking "Why should I do this?" and "Does this serve the game's core?"

So I figure it'll be another month or two before this show's up on Steam-

I'm also going to start learning C++ as it seems like it's a good language to know- I ordered a book on it yesterday along with another AI book as that stuff is fascinating!

So I'm sorry to the three people that were looking forward a new spooky short film- I'm still going to make it I just can't walk away from this game right now-


  1. Whatever you work at is ok with me, brother. Film, game, blog, book, video - I love it all. You have such a great imagination, Dot!


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