My new game is available for testing "FACE together FACE"

You can download it here

You might be able to find other people to play with on this discord I made a million years ago

Here is the games trailer

"FACE together FACE" is an online co-op escape room game with built in voice chat- So you have to talk to the other player to solve the procedural puzzles you encounter-

I'll do a making of video real soon with all the geek details about the guts of the game-

This month marks 4 years since I got into game dev- I learned so much it was like I went to university for 4 years to study- it was self imposed study and practice though ^_^ 

So I look at this game like my graduation project as now I finally feel like I know what I'm doing haha

Gameplay video of me playing with my friend Spooktergeist- you can't hear my audio, only his though (thx to Spooktergeist, Screamerclauz, and Andy for helping me test it)

I hope you enjoy the game and I look forward to improving it + kicking out tons of new interactive experiences since I'm fresh out of university!


  1. Nice m dot. I would love to test this when I have time.


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