To live to create to live forever

After spending a month or two to get my latest game FACE TOGETHER FACE to a shipping state my brain felt a bit overloaded- To finish off my self imposed four year game development university course I spent the last year doing an intensive self imposed C# programming course which finished off with FACE TOGETHER FACE-

Once I shipped the game I felt a bit melty brained- overloaded- I SLAMMED a few years of learning/experience into a single year and needed a break from it for a bit-

In 2014 my wife and I made this album under the name of DOTTIR- we made over the span of a week or two- I composed the tracks while sitting on our couch late at night then we recorded the vocals in our closet-

It was a fun project and people keep buying it four years later- the little payment notifications are reminders to me saying like "hey people like this thing, make more"

Over the past two years I made/outlined twenty or so instrumentals for use with future DOTTIR songs- you can hear one in this video when the radio turns on near the passed out girl-

Game dev/programming got in the way and I never did anything with them-

Fast forward to a week or so ago- I had finished my last game/university after returning from Iceland for Xmas and I needed to do something creative that I could do without thinking-

So I sat at my desk, pulled out the Push- launched Ableton and made 14 new songs over the course of four consecutive days- on the 5th day I felt terrible and did nothing- on the sixth I still felt a little insane so I drank some wine, worked out and went a ran a few miles- I had to run a few miles the next day as well-

THEN I felt ok so I set up our closet vocal booth and over the next 5 days my wife and I recorded all the vocals for the 14 new songs- 

I'm mixing and mastering them now- this isn't a finished mix but you listen to one of the new songs here 

I've been doing music for almost twenty years now- I'm able to do it without thinking- its almost like I go into a trance- afterwards I don't even remember what I did- so when I listen to the songs I'm like "this is cool? I made this?!"

I literally don't think at any part of the process- it all just flows- WHICH is the exact opposite of programming for me as I cannot NOT think at any part of the process lest I write shitty code-

It seems like making music and coding balance each other out quite well-

I don't think when I'm doing animation or writing either-

I plan to finish this album in the next week or so- I've been reading up a little on mixing trying to improve on that and we're getting some Auratone 5C's to use as ref monitors as I gave my old ref monitors away to a friend years ago-

After this album is done I have to look at my project queue to figure out what I will do next-

I have an animated short film I wrote/storyboarded back in October 2017 I wanted to do for Halloween but didn't have the time- I might do that-

I have several game idea/prototypes to jump into as well-

I'm just going to keep creating things and releasing them onto the internet for the future as that is what makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to-

Sharing what I've learned with other people is something else that makes me feel happy so I'll continue to do that with tutorials and the like-

Now that I'm out of self imposed university and I don't waste my time playing with a phone or arguing on social media about nothing I'll be able to put more stuff out-

I really like not having any social media profiles- I just have this blog and my youtube channel- I feel like I don't exist, and I mean that in a good way- I'm not swimming in the sea of human nonsense that plagues water coolers, reality shows and their metaphorical digital equivalents-

Anyway- its been awhile I thought I would leave an update here for February 2018

As always, best to you my friends.

P.S.  Beware I live- I was HIM all along ^_^